Institute for Andean Studies


Please submit manuscripts as computer files only. Text should be submitted in Microsoft Word, using a Times 12-point font. Everything, including bibliography and notes, should be double-spaced. Figures should be at a resolution of 300-600 dpi, in jpg format. Style should conform to the Society for American Archaeology (American Antiquity & Latin American Antiquity) style guide.

Parts of the manuscript

  • Title—CAPS, centered
  • Author(s)—include contact information for footnote
  • English abstract, 100 words (150 words, more inclusive, if paper is in Spanish)
  • Spanish abstract, 100 words (150 words, more inclusive, if paper is in English)
  • Text—leave at least 1" margins on all sides; double-space all. Please do not right-justify the text
  • Acknowledgments (secondary heading)
  • Notes (secondary heading)
  • References Cited (primary heading) Be sure to double-space! Spell out author first names
  • Tables—put each in a separate file, named “[your name] Table 1” etc. Number tables consecutively. Title at the top
  • Figure captions (separate file; do not include on figures)
  • Figures(submit hard copy, plus jpg @ 300 dpi). Color OK if crucial, otherwise B/W. No captions on figures (these get type-set separately). For labels, use a sans serif font such as Helvetica Neue. Put each in a separate file, named “[your name] Figure 1”, etc.

Note: Figures will be placed within the text, rather than at the end of the article, so keep in mind that the final width after reduction will be 3-3⁄8" (one column wide), 7" (2 columns wide), or 9" (landscape, full page turned sideways).

To download the submission format style guide, click here.