Institute for Andean Studies


2019 Evening talk by Peter Fuchs, Renate Patzschke, and Jesus Briceño: Archaeology and ritual at Sechin Bajo, Casma, Peru (as presented using outdated PowerPoint slides)

2019 Travel grantee talk by Javier Fonseca: Ocupación Wari en el Antisuyo

2018 Evening talk by Anna Guengerich: Where mountain and forest meet: Toward a history of people and landscape in the Eastern Andes of Chachapoyas

2018 Travel grantee talk by Ana Cecilia Mauricio: Los Morteros and Pampa de las Salinas: Early monumentality, environmental transformations, and the creation of a preceramic ceremonial landscape

2017 Evening talk by Steve Wernke: Bound together, torn apart: A spatial archaeology and microhistory of forced resettlement in the colonial Andes

2017 Travel grantee talk by José Ochatoma: Nuevas propuestas acerca del desarollo urbano en Wari (lacks final seconds)

2016 Evening talk by Gary Urton: Accounting in the king's storehouse: The Inkawasi khipu archive