Institute for Andean Studies

Meeting Registration

Registration fee: $40.00 (students $10.00) until January 1; thereafter, including at the meeting, $60.00 (students $20.00). Payable by check (see the Pre-registration Information, or by credit card online at the IAS meetings page.

Attendees need not be members of the Institute; students are welcomed. Those who need a letter of invitation to solicit travel funds from their institution should contact the Secretary, Bruce Owen, at .

Note: Anyone who wishes to pre-register but has difficulty paying due to being outside the USA should contact the Secretary by mail or e-mail before January 1 to qualify for the pre-registration discount when they arrive in Berkeley.

Asistentes no tienen que ser miembros del Instituto; estudiantes son muy bienvenidos. Personas que necesitan una invitación oficial para solicitar ayuda institucional por gastos de viaje pueden pedirla del Sectretario, Bruce Owen, .

Fíjese: Quien quisiera pre-inscribirse pero que encuentra dificultades en pagar por estar fuera de los EE.UU. debe comunicarse con el Secretario por correo postal o electrónico antes del 1° de enero para tener derecho a la cuota de pre-inscripción al llegar a Berkeley.

Please consult the 60th Annual Meeting Pre-registration Information and Call for Papers and Posters.