Institute for Andean Studies


For an interactive map of the Berkeley campus and University buildings in town around it, see the online campus map.


The closest public parking lots to Wurster Hall are privately owned and fill up early in the day. They are:

  • Bancroft Hotel Parking Lot
    2680 Bancroft Way, just west of Bancroft hotel
  • Douglas Parking
    2304 Bowditch, just off Bancroft Way
  • Bancroft Center Parking
    2558 Bancroft Way
  • Telegraph Channing Garage
    2450 Durant Avenue, 1/2 block west of Telegraph Avenue

Parking, accomodations, and key places on campus
See a larger version of Institute of Andean Studies locations

Daily rates range from $15 to $24. Parking may be scarce on Friday. On Saturday, many University parking lots will probably be available to the public. UC Berkeley provides additional information about parking on campus and a map of University and public parking lots. Watch for signboard notices of temporary lot restrictions for special events. Fines can be high. Allow plenty of time to find parking.